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    PayingSource is your premier source for providing merchant services including:


    Merchant Account Services for Low and High Risk Business


    Online Credit Card Payment Processing


    Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems, Credit Card and PIN Debit Terminals


    Mobile Credit Card Readers and Processing, including Apple Pay and Google Pay

    PayingSource is committed to excellence in all aspects of our merchant services relationships. We will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with clear, straight forward rates and powerful processing solutions that allow you to easily accept your customers’ credit cards. We strive to making sure your account is approved quickly and efficiently for all business types. We have solutions for low risk and high risk business types. Once your account is approved, we will assign a team of industry experts dedicated to your account, which allows us to provide the personalized and dedicated support needed to ensure your requirements are always satisfied.

    We offer very competitive rates for your credit card processing needs and a wide variety of credit card terminals. We are a fast growing payment processing service provider of credit and debit card based transactions. Our top rated merchant services, credit card equipment and processors, Point-of-Sale Systems, and credit card readers, enable merchants to process both traditional card-present, or “swiped” transactions, as well as card-not-present, or “keyed” transactions for all business types and industries.

    We provide our clients with the highest level of service and protection for their merchant accounts. We are here 24/7/365 to ensure merchant satisfaction and quick resolutions to all issues and problems.

    If you have any questions about our services or require further information please click here and one of our Merchant Specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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    Call Us Now to Get Your Free Personalized Quote

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